Fly over the competition with Pittsburgh Media Group's aerial services! We utilize state of art drone technologies to provide high resolution aerial photography and videography, 3D modeling and terrain mapping, and a broad range of inspection services across various commercial and industrial applications.  Explore a few examples below and contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you reduce costs, mitigate risk, and expedite project deliverables.


3D models are a great tool to help visualize your object of interest for various applications in construction, maintenance, project management, and more.


Our innovative technologies allow us to create high resolution 2D orthomosaics, from which we can precisely measure and evaluate topography and also analyze plant health.


Utilizing drones for inspecting dangerous or hard to reach areas and structures provides invaluable benefit across various applications.  Our FAA certified drone pilots will help you keep safety and cost at the forefront of your operations.


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